6 A+ Products for Online Education Courses

  • Nov 3, 2023

Classrooms have looked very different this year. Who agrees?

Notebooks have turned into laptops, desks have turned into dining room tables, and students have kept their distance by learning and studying at home. Since online education has become the norm in 2020 due to Coronavirus concerns, many students will be opting out of traditional colleges and instead, earning their credits through online courses.

With this in mind, online colleges have a great opportunity to send new students orientation packages that will make them feel welcomed. Here are a few of our favorite swag items to include in your orientation package!


Insulated Water Bottle


Health is a number one priority right now and that includes drinking plenty of water. These insulated water bottles are not only super trendy, but they have a large imprint space for your college's logo. I’d drink to that!


Exercise Resistance Bands

Back in the day, a study break meant hanging out with friends. Today, a study break means social distancing at home. Might as well help them get their reps in with daily exercise. These resistance bands are easy to pack into a curated orientation package and will make a huge difference when students need a stress reliever from writing that 20-page essay.


Cardholder Phone Sleeve

Our smartphones have become an extension of ourselves – we don’t leave the home without them. From social media to email, students have become glued to their phones, so why not add a little colorful branding to them? These cardholder phone sleeves are an A+ addition and will help students carry everything at once when grocery shopping… for frozen pizza and Ramen noodles, of course.


Pennant Felt Flag

Commonly flown on ships, pennant flags are the perfect way for students to rep their online college in the bedroom or home office. The colorful flags also will serve as a reminder of the accomplishments that they are sailing towards.


Car Charger


When in doubt, a car charger is always the way to go! Although staying at home is the safest route right now, students still need to run errands. This car charger will help power up their devices, so they can get through the day without worrying about a low-battery alert.



Their future is bright so why not include some cool shades? Enough said!

With college education transitioning to online, more students will store away their backpacks and instead, complete courses online. Sending orientation packages to new students will not only get them excited about the journey ahead, but make them feel apart of something special.

We've got hundreds of other products for you to include in your orientation packages! Reach out to us today to learn more. 

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